Ecliptic Brewing

Beer and food made from the stars can be found at Ecliptic Brewing. In 2013, Oregon brew legend John Harris opened his own brewery bringing with him nearly 30 years of experience and passion. Ecliptic Brewing applies an astronomical theme not only in their branding, but also with an excellent quality of life for their employees. Collaboration through co-creation, co-branding, and co-promotion is what Ecliptic brings to the tight knit community of brewers in Portland recognizing that strength in numbers increases quality and feeds in to Portland being the #1 brew city in the U.S.

Portland Brew Stories is a unique partnership between the Multnomah County Library and local breweries to build a collection that represents the culture, history, and passion of brewing in our community. The library worked with 14 breweries who's contribution and support made this project possible. Explore the collection at Portland Brew Stories. We were hired to produce a series of three videos to support the library's efforts.