Ecliptic Brewing

John Harris has been making beer for over 30 years for some of the most recognizable breweries in the state and country, but in 2014 he opened his own brewery to brew out of this world beer on planet earth. Even though he has brewed for other breweries, his beers all have a unique taste that isn’t similar to the beers of his past breweries. “If you can’t find a way to get another twist on a hop or a malt, then maybe you shouldn’t be a brewer.”

While the focus of most breweries is on the beer, John wanted to create a brewery for foodies and mentioned that people come in just for the food and don’t even get a beer. Both the beer and food changes seasonally, which adds interest for regulars and employees alike.

Portland Brew Stories is a unique partnership between the Multnomah County Library and local breweries to build a collection that represents the culture, history, and passion of brewing in our community. The library worked with 14 breweries who's contribution and support made this project possible. Explore the collection at Portland Brew Stories. We were hired to produce a series of three videos to support the library's efforts.