Migration Brewing Company

In 2010, Migration Brewing Company opened in NE Portland. Right away people were saying "this is just what the neighborhood needed." What was once an old radiator shop filled with soot is now a welcoming brewpub with a kitchen and double bar. It is the kind of place where the regulars attend the wedding of a co-owner. Migration also regularly holds dine-in events and donates 10% of the proceeds to different charities. They are part of an amazing group of breweries that are making this city the best craft beer capitol it can be.

Portland Brew Stories is a unique partnership between the Multnomah County Library and local breweries to build a collection that represents the culture, history, and passion of brewing in our community. The library worked with 14 breweries who's contribution and support made this project possible. Explore the collection at Portland Brew Stories. We were hired to produce a series of three videos to support the library's efforts.