Creatives In Craft Beer with Adam Owens

Interview with Adam Owens

The third installment of our Creatives in Craft Beer series features Adam Owens. Adam is a filmmaker and photographer in Fort Collins, CO.


Who are you?

Adam Owens | instagram @igobyao


What draws you to craft beer?

The craft beer community - full of nice people that love beer! The craft itself - Although I have not tried home brewing, I’m fascinated by the process of brewing beer and how subtle changes during productions can massively affect the taste and color of the finished product. The art and design - everyone loves beer names and labels! Breweries know a lot of people will try new beer if the label is attractive enough, I’m sure other science is involved behind shelf appeal strategy. Lastly, I’m drawn to craft beer because hops! I’m a hop head and gravitate toward IPAs and Pale Ales mostly. Hops are the ingredient that moved me from domestic beer to the vast world of crafts. 

How does craft beer inspire you?

I love photographing beer and also producing short promo videos for beer. I’m often inspired by the vibe of the beer. From the name and label to the way it tastes to how audiences react to it inspires my approach for photographing or shooting video of the beer.


Talk about your favorite image/video that you have created. What was the inspiration, what was a challenge you overcame to create it?


Definitely my video for Sour Wheat Ale with Kiwi by Acidulous Brewing. All I wanted was fresh, wet fruit slices flying through the air in slow motion. First challenge was slow motion. I had to settle with 120fps which is the best I could get out of my Sony A7sii. Secondly water! I cleaned a 10 gallon fish tank and shot through it from the side, from the top, and from underneath. Lastly I wanted it all on black. The trick with black background is getting it completely dark. Thats difficult when you need a lot of light on the subject. I accomplished this by shooting outside. The sunlight exposed my beer perfectly and with a combination of poster boards and collapsable reflectors I was able to block the sun from hitting my black fabric in the background. I am happy with the final result and can’t wait to get my hands on a camera with a higher frame rate.



This was a hard one for me to pick so I went with my gut. Ballast’s Points Double IPA, Watermelon Dorado. Inspired by the watermelon ingredient. Main challenge was getting the infinite blue background. I rolled out a long strip of blue wrapping paper. I took a door of it’s hinges and laid it on a small table. This way I could get some depth between the bottle and watermelon and it also enabled me to get that infinite blue gradient background. Lastly, I wanted the beer in the bottle to glow. I put a small LED behind it and composited the beer glow into the final picture. It is still one of my favorite pictures.

If you could work with one brewery, who would it be and why?

Odell or Melvin or Finkel & Garf. I’ll choose Odell because I live in Fort Collins, CO and it’s my favorite place to go. Every Saturday locals and visitors pack the brewery. The brewery caters to dog-owners (which I am) and families. The customer culture at the brewery is lively and exciting. I’d prefer to bartend and help people decide on the perfect beer for their craving. I’d also have no problem working behind the scenes and learning how Odell makes the most delicious beers. The use of hops in their beer is my favorite - always great and consistent.


What was the beer that started you down the craft beer rabbit hole?

I’m from Manhattan, KS so Oasis by Tallgrass. Oasis was an Imperial ESB. The color was dark, the ABV was high and the hops were aggressive. That lingering hop taste led me to crave IPAs. Soon Tallgrass released Ethos, an IPA that included 6 different hops and was my go to beer until they sadly discontinued it for a whole new lineup. Now I drink Odell IPA, Melvin IPA, Ska Brewing’s Moddus Hopperandi, and more!


What are you drinking right now?

My favorite beers recently are in this order. Denver Beer Co’s Red Rye IPA, Odell Comet IPA, Odell Black IPA (Mountain Standard) and Joseph James Rye Pale Ale. 

What do you wish you were drinking right now?

Denver Beer Co’s Red Rye IPA and/or Melvin’s Hubert Pale Ale. 

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