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Livebrew.tv is a live streaming homebrew show that explores the history of styles, discusses commercially available examples, and teaches new and experienced homebrewers how to brew better beer. The show is produced by Hopstories, a leader in Craft Beer video production, and hosted by Jesse Young, assistant brewer and home brewing instructor.

Every episode is live streamed and archived for future watching. Live streamed episodes maintain a level of audience interaction and Q+A, while the archived episodes allow for more polished content.

Each episode has the opportunity for pre-produced “packages” to be added in the stream of the show. These allow us to highlight our sponsors, take a short break from our live show, and educate viewers about a homebrew technique (sanitizing, bottling, buying ingredients, recipe development, tasting beer, etc). Future episodes will contain guest professional brewers to come along with Jesse and brew a clone beer based on their own commercial recipes.

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